Q. How do I book a viewing?

A. You can book a viewing on our website by filling out the enquiry form. Or Email us at [email protected], call on 01132744295.

Q. Do you do viewings on a Saturday?

A. Yes, by pre-arranged appointment.

Q. For viewings do we meet at the property or do we need to come to the office?

A. We can do whatever is convenient for you, just let us know.

Q. Are we allowed to keep pets in the property?

A. Unfortunately not.

Q. Are bills included in the rent?

A. This is entirely up to you, we offer various packages please ask for details.

Q. Can I bring my own furniture?

A. It is not necessary to bring your own furniture as the properties are fully furnished throughout with fitted furniture in the bedrooms. If you would like to bring your own furniture please ensure it complies with up to date fire and safety regulations and that it is approved by your landlord or you may be in breach of your contract.

Q. Do I need a deposit?

A. Yes, all properties require a £250 deposit but this may be negotiable to ensure your tenancy.

Q. Is there and administration fee?

A. Yes, there is an administration fee of £99 per person on signing a tenancy agreement.

Q. Is my deposit protected?

A. Yes, your deposit will be protected by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme - find more details here https://www.tds.gb.com/

Q. How long are the tenancy agreements?

A. They are usually 12 months but this can be negotiated.

Q. Can more than one person share a room in properties with 2 or more bedrooms?

A. No, our rents are priced at rent per person per week relating to the amount of bedrooms per property.

Q. How long in advance to I need to book a viewing?

A. We need at least 24 hours notice to inform current tenants of the viewing. If you wish to book a viewing please email [email protected] or call 0113 2744295.

Q. Do you provide kitchen appliances?

A. We do not provide kitchen appliances such as a kettle, toaster or microwave. You will need to provide your own. 

Q. Do you offer discount on Summer rent?

A. In general we don't offer discounts on Summer rent unless it is negotiated before the tenancy agreement is signed.

Q. Are all properties furnished?

A. Yes, all properties come fully furnished with fitted furniture in all bedrooms.

Q. What do I do about maintenance issues?

A. If you have a maintenance issue please email [email protected] following the maintenance procedure that will be on your property's notice board.

Q. Do I need a guarantor?

A. All of our tenants will be required to have a guarantor, the guarantor will be required to fill out a guarantor form to guarantee the payment of any rent or dilapidations owed by the tenant.

Q. How do I pay rent?

A. Rent is paid via a standing order set up with your bank, the rent will then be paid automatically on the day the standing order has been set up for. 

Q. When will I pay rent?

A. You will either pay rent quarterly or monthly depending on your tenancy agreement.

Q. Can I leave the contract earlier than the end date?

A. Yes, although this is subject to finding a replacement tenant to take over. You will also incur a £50.00 charge. 

Q. Can I decorate?

A. You will only be allowed to decorate if you have obtained authorisation to do so by your landlord. Otherwise, you will be in breach of your contract and may be charged.

Q. How do I get my deposit back at the end of the tenancy?

A. At the end of your tenancy we will need proof that all of your bills have been paid unless you are in a bills inclusive package. We will also need to inspect the property. Once this has been done you will receive your deposit.

Q. How long will it take to get my deposit back?

A. You should receive your deposit within 14 days of us receiving proof of your final bills payments and any deductions being agreed.